The 49 customs offices in Mexico play a key role for the international trade.

The customs in Mexico are a very important part for the international trade of the country. Having 49 customs in Mexico, divided in four groups:

–       11 in interior of the country

–       17 in ports

–       2 in southern border

–       19 in northern border


Around de 63% of Mexico’s Gross Domestic Products (GDP) comes from foreign trade. Each year the customs in Mexico handles around 720 billion dollars.


The customs in Mexico have been working to improve their services. They have video surveillance equipment. The federal project to create a “one-stop shop” for customs procedures in witch all the bodies involved in foreign trade are together.


Mexico has a 3,200 kilometer-long border with U.S. and also signed free trade treaties with different countries. These are two main reasons why Mexico is an important logistic ally. Remember that U.S. is the largest consumer of goods around the globe.


At this time the customs in Mexico are part of the Tax Administration Service (SAT). The Confederation of Customs Agents of Latin America (CLAA) agreed that the customs in Mexico should be part of the Ministry of Economy (SE).



Credit: Antonio Vazquez / Negocios ProMexico